Thursday, January 6, 2011


Where do I begin...

*I got an ELMO in my classroom today!
For those that don't know:  An ELMO is a document camera - great for reading books to the whole class! 

*Rob invited me to have dinner with him, Jess, & JW - Baked chicken, rice, gravy, and corn!   It was delicious!!!

*I almost wrecked on my way home tonight.
I have to admit that I was looking at my cell phone and saw a light turn green so I started to go - when I looked up I was headed into oncoming traffic!  The arrows beside me turned green - but my light was still red.  It scared me SO bad!  It could have turned out SO bad!  DON'T PLAY WITH YOUR PHONE IN THE CAR!!

*I recieved 2 phone calls for teaching ZUMBA tonight! 
One won't work - because of my graduate class I would have one night a week that I couldn't teach.
The other is a possibility - I will keep you posted!

Time for CSI and a warm bed!

Good night!

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