Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This is the packet I received when I was at my BASIC 1 training and I became a ZIN member

One of my ZUMBA mentors - Alma

My other ZUMBA mentor - Queenie

Queenie & I at the Charleston ZIN Meeting

Charleston ZUMBA Instructors
(Not everyone was at this meeting - it is hard to believe that there are more)

My first ZUMBATHON - ZUMBATHON 4 Multiple Sclerosis

My second ZUMBATHON - ZUMBATHON 4 Chase (a little boy with a rare cancer)

Me and Sharee - CUMBIA

My third ZUMBATHON - ZUMBATHON 4 MUSC Children's Hospital
(This was the first ZUMBATHON where I was a guest instructor)

Instructors for ZUMBATHON 4 MUSC Children's Hospital
(Hosted by Queenie)

(I am hosting this event)

I had the chance to ZUMBA with Allie Ishcomber from this past season of THE BIGGEST LOSER

Teaching my ZUMBA class at Metro North Church

Christmas ZUMBA


Rob gave me ZUMBA Fusion Pants for Christmas

2 new ZUMBA tops - from Rob

ZUMBA beach towel - from Rob

ZUMBA flip-flops - from Rob

ZUMBA has changed my life - for the better!! 

Check out my ZUMBA website at

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