Monday, January 17, 2011

The weekend of ZUMBATHONS

It has been a while since I have written in my blog - and I have been busy planning a fund-raising event.  I wanted to share the photos from my event - and also from an event that my friend Nicole arranged.

Friday, January 14, 2011 - ZUMBATHON 4 METRO - Metro North Church - Goose Creek
*All proceeds went to the IT'S TIME campaign - to help the church pay off the mortgage and move on to the next step.*

Instructor Jessie Matherly rocked it!!

75 people showed up!

Go Jessie!!

Instructor Aisha Jones did a great job!! 

Go Aisha!

Aileen, instructor Nicole Shea, and Ms. Libbie

Instructor Heather is rocking it!

Heather and Nicole getting their ZUMBA on!

Instructor Marlene Cuggy did a great job!

ZUMBA instructor AJ Chambers - the only male dancer that night!

Desiree, instructor Heather Derexson, and instructor Nicole Shea

Go Marlene!

"Livin' La Vida Loca"

"She'll make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain..."

"Upside, inside out, Livin' la vida loca"

A panoramic view!!

ZUMBA instructor Sindy Franks

Instructors AJ & Heather

ZUMBA instructor Nicole Soriano

Instructor Alma Elayda

Having fun!!

Aisha, Queenie, myself, and Heather.

Sunday, January 16, 2011 - ZUMBATHON FOR KIM - Pivitol Fitness - Summerville
*Held in honor of KIM - a single mother of 3 whose house burned to the ground several weeks ago.  All proceeds and donations went to help KIM and her kids get back on their feet.*

ZUMBA instructors Torre Snipes, AJ Chambers, and Allison Schnake

AJ, Allison, Lu, and myself

Another shot of us!

ZUMBA instructor Melissa Hearne

We had 63 people come out!

Crazy feet!

Taking a break - but not for long!

ZUMBA instructor Nicole Soriano

ZUMBA instructor Oscar Guttierez

Shake it Lu!

Go AJ!

Oscar had the coolest moves!

Dancing the day away!

I had a wonderful time with both events, but I am going to enjoy my Monday off!!



Thursday, January 6, 2011


Where do I begin...

*I got an ELMO in my classroom today!
For those that don't know:  An ELMO is a document camera - great for reading books to the whole class! 

*Rob invited me to have dinner with him, Jess, & JW - Baked chicken, rice, gravy, and corn!   It was delicious!!!

*I almost wrecked on my way home tonight.
I have to admit that I was looking at my cell phone and saw a light turn green so I started to go - when I looked up I was headed into oncoming traffic!  The arrows beside me turned green - but my light was still red.  It scared me SO bad!  It could have turned out SO bad!  DON'T PLAY WITH YOUR PHONE IN THE CAR!!

*I recieved 2 phone calls for teaching ZUMBA tonight! 
One won't work - because of my graduate class I would have one night a week that I couldn't teach.
The other is a possibility - I will keep you posted!

Time for CSI and a warm bed!

Good night!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This is the packet I received when I was at my BASIC 1 training and I became a ZIN member

One of my ZUMBA mentors - Alma

My other ZUMBA mentor - Queenie

Queenie & I at the Charleston ZIN Meeting

Charleston ZUMBA Instructors
(Not everyone was at this meeting - it is hard to believe that there are more)

My first ZUMBATHON - ZUMBATHON 4 Multiple Sclerosis

My second ZUMBATHON - ZUMBATHON 4 Chase (a little boy with a rare cancer)

Me and Sharee - CUMBIA

My third ZUMBATHON - ZUMBATHON 4 MUSC Children's Hospital
(This was the first ZUMBATHON where I was a guest instructor)

Instructors for ZUMBATHON 4 MUSC Children's Hospital
(Hosted by Queenie)

(I am hosting this event)

I had the chance to ZUMBA with Allie Ishcomber from this past season of THE BIGGEST LOSER

Teaching my ZUMBA class at Metro North Church

Christmas ZUMBA


Rob gave me ZUMBA Fusion Pants for Christmas

2 new ZUMBA tops - from Rob

ZUMBA beach towel - from Rob

ZUMBA flip-flops - from Rob

ZUMBA has changed my life - for the better!! 

Check out my ZUMBA website at